LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide

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The next generation of high-performance batteries should include alternative chemistries that are inherently safer to operate than nonaqueous lithium-based batteries. Aqueous zinc-based batteries can answer that challenge because monolithic zinc sponge anodes can be cycled in nickel-zinc alkaline cells hundreds to thousands of times without undergoing passivation or macroscale dendrite formation. Comparative kinematical analyses of Venus flytrap Dionaea muscipula snap traps.

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Full Text Available Although the Venus flytrap Dionaea muscipula can be considered as one of the most extensively investigated carnivorous plants, knowledge is still scarce about diversity of the snap -trap motion, the functionality of snap traps under varying environmental conditions, and their opening motion.

By conducting simple snap -trap closure experiments in air and under water, we present striking evidence that adult Dionaea snaps similarly fast in aerial and submersed states and, hence, is potentially able to gain nutrients from fast aquatic prey during seasonal inundation. We reveal three snapping modes of adult traps, all incorporating snap buckling, and show that millimeter-sized, much slower seedling traps do not yet incorporate such elastic instabilities. Moreover, opening kinematics of young and adult Dionaea snap traps reveal that reverse snap buckling is not performed, corroborating the assumption that growth takes place on certain trap lobe regions.

Our findings are discussed in an evolutionary, biomechanical, functional—morphological and biomimetic context.

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A 3 D conductive carbon interlayer with ultrahigh adsorption capability for lithium-sulfur batteries. To improve the cycling performance of the Li-S batteries , a 3 D interwoven hollow interlayer with extremely high electrolyte adsorption capability up to 9. For comparison, an interlayer coated on separator was obtained by the slurry-coating method of powdery CCF. The key role of the adsorption capability is confirmed by comparing the electrochemical performance of Li-S batteries with these two interlayers. In the Li-S batteries with 3 D CCF interlayer, massive dissolved polysulfides, together with the electrolyte, can be adsorbed and confined in the 3 D CCF interlayer, providing substantial extra active sites and alleviating the shuttle effect effectively.

Even for cathodes with high sulfur loading of 5 mg cm-2, the cells with 3 D CCF interlayer perform a high capacity of mAh g-1 and retain These results not only provide a sustainable, low cost and easy-prepared 3 D CCF interlayer, but also offer a promising strategy based on interlayer with high adsorption capability in designing high-performance Li-S batteries.

Snap Shot: The Bacterial Cytoskeleton. Most bacteria and archaea contain filamentous proteins and filament systems that are collectively known as the bacterial cytoskeleton, though not all of them are cytoskeletal, affect cell shape, or maintain intracellular organization. Published by Elsevier Inc. Method for reducing snap in magnetic amplifiers.

Method of reducing snap in magnetic amplifiers uses a degenerative feedback circuit consisting of a resistor and a separate winding on a magnetic core. The feedback circuit extends amplifier range by allowing it to be used at lower values of output current. The SNAP and AI Fuel Summary Report provides a detailed overview of treatment and storage of these fuels from fabrication through current storage including design parameters and reactor history.

Chemical and physical characteristics are described, and potential indicators of as-stored fuel conditions are emphasized. Germination of beans and snap beans seed. Full Text Available The aim of this study was to investigate germination of good bean seed of the variety Galeb and the bad bean seed of the same variety. We were also interested in germination of bean and snap bean seed damaged by grain weevil, and in germination of the seed treated by freezing which was aimed at controlling grain weevil by cold.

We also recorded the differences between bean and snap bean seed, which was or was not treated by freezing in laboratory conditions.

This investigation was carried out by applying the two factorial block system. The obtained results were evaluated by the variance analysis and x2 test These results suggest that the bean seed of a bad fraction had low levels of germination, but still it was present. Although the seed of good appearance was carefully selected, germination was slightly lower than it should have been.

The seed with the large amount of grain weevils performed a high level germination in laboratory conditions. There were no differences in germination between the seed injured by grain weevil either in beans or in snap beans. As for the seed treated or untreated by freezing, there also were no differences between beans and snap beans. Snap : an integrated SNP annotation platform. Snap Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Annotation Platform is a server designed to comprehensively analyze single genes and relationships between genes basing on SNPs in the human genome.

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The aim of the platform is to facilitate the study of SNP finding and analysis within the framework of medical The basic concept minimized the system's development costs by utilizing established technologies for each of the major components within the power system to reduce its overall development schedule. Specific power levels for these systems were estimated to range from 6. The last SNAP reactor under development at the end of the program in was designed for a 5-year mission life at a nominal thermal power level of kWt with a coolant outlet temperature capability of K.

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Lipid droplets interact with mitochondria using SNAP We have used electron and confocal microscopy to demonstrate that LD form complexes with mitochondria in NIH 3 T 3 fibroblasts. Using an in vitro system of purified LD and mitochondria, we also show the formation of the LD-mitochondria complex, in which cytosolic Moreover, the presence of LD markers in mitochondria isolated by subcellular fractionations is demonstrated.

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Al2O 3 -coated porous separator for enhanced electrochemical performance of lithium sulfur batteries. Graphical abstract: Al2O 3 -coated separator with developed porous channels is prepared by coating Al2O 3 polymer solution on routine separator. The batteries with Al2O 3 -coated separator exhibited a reversible capacity of as high as mAh g-1 at the rate of 0. The enhancement in the electrochemical performance could be attributed to the reduced charge transfer resistance after the introduction of Al2O 3 coating layer.

Besides, the Al2O 3 coating layer, acting as a physical barrier for polysulfides, can effectively prevent polysulfides shuttling between the cathode and the anode. We believe that the Al2O 3 -coated separator is promising in the lithium sulfur battery applications. It is demonstrated that the Al 2 O 3 -coating layer is quite effective in reducing shuttle effect and enhancing the stability of the sulfur electrode.

Significantly, the charge-transfer resistance of the electrode tends to be reducing after using Al 2 O 3 -coated separator. The improved cell performance is attributed to the porous architecture of the Al 2 O 3 -coating layer, which serves as an ion-conducting skeleton for trapping and depositing dissolved sulfur-containing active materials, as confirmed by scanning electron microscopy SEM and energy-dispersive X.

Cubic KTi2 PO4 3 as electrode materials for sodium-ion batteries. A novel cubic KTi2 PO4 3 is successfully synthesized via a facile hydrothermal method combined with a subsequent annealing treatment and further used as electrode material for sodium-ion batteries for the first time. For comparison, carbon-coated KTi2 PO4 3 obtained by a normal cane sugar-assisted method reveals superior electrochemical performances in sodium-ion battery.

All rights reserved. There is a great deal of interest in developing battery systems that can exhibit self-healing behavior, thus enhancing cyclability and stability. Given that gallium Ga is a metal that melts near room temperature, we wanted to test if it could be employed as a self-healing anode material for lithium-ion batteries LIBs. To address this issue, we employed carbon-coated Ga 2 O 3 NPs as an alternative. By controlling the pH of the precursor solution, highly dispersed and ultrafine Ga 2 O 3 NPs, embedded in carbon shells, could be synthesized through a hydrothermal carbonization method.

The particle size of the Ga 2 O 3 NPs was 2. The high cyclability is due to not only the protective effects of the carbon shell but also the formation of Ga 0 during the lithiation process, as indicated by operando X-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopy. Correlations among structure, composition and electrochemical performances of WO 3 anode materials for lithium ion batteries.

Tungsten trioxides WO 3 are particularly interesting materials for this purpose. Unexpectedly, monoclinic WO 3 reveals better performances than that of hexagonal WO 3. Our results indicate that the electrochemical properties of WO 3 are strongly related to the residual precursor and crystal structure. SNAP - a three dimensional neutron diffusion code.

This report describes a one- two- three-dimensional multi-group diffusion code, SNAP , which is primarily intended for neutron diffusion calculations but can also carry out gamma calculations if the diffusion approximation is accurate enough. SNAP can solve the multi-group neutron diffusion equations using finite difference methods. The one-dimensional slab, cylindrical and spherical geometries and the two-dimensional case are all treated as simple special cases of three-dimensional geometries. Numerous reflective and periodic symmetry options are available and may be used to reduce the number of mesh points necessary to represent the system.

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IETF RFCs: RFC Encoding Dublin Core Metadata in HTML. J. Kunze. December

Extrapolation lengths can be specified at internal and external boundaries. Scapulothoracic Anatomy and Snapping Scapula Syndrome. Full Text Available The scapulothoracic articulation is a sliding junction between the deep aspect of the scapula and thoracic rib cage at the levels of ribs 2 through 7. Motion at this articulation is dynamically stabilized by a variety of muscular attachments, allowing for controlled positioning of the glenoid to assist in glenohumeral joint function. A thorough understanding of the complex anatomic relationships, including the various muscles, and bursa, is critical to the evaluation of patients presenting with scapulothoracic disorders.

LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide
LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide
LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide
LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide
LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide
LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide
LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide LAPUR [FORTRAN Reactor Core Simul Pgm] - Verification and Users Guide

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