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He also got noticed in the Tivo hacking discussion boards, claiming to have modified the device to stream shows over a network; which the other experts felt was impossible tinyurl.


Jim provided no evidence to make them think otherwise and disappeared. He still claims to have it working.

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Jim denied to me that he made the postings and says they were faked. This character is now collecting donations and volunteers for chatnannies. These are AI programs which hang out in internet chatrooms, allegedly spotting the signs of grooming. So I call him. Can I test it? But what about that server?

There are copies in the hosting facilities, one in London. Luckily they still have Borenstein at AP though. Just like the church did, heck just like the catholic church did for decades, and then even after they got caught with trying to sweep it all under the rug for all those decades. Mass delusions. In this case probably the most healthy thing is just to make satire of their foolish delusions and laugh ones head off.

Pages and pages of bitter petulance that clearly illustrate that despite years of publishing warmist propaganda they know they are losing. The most delicious part is they still have no idea why. Just as they told the world lies about CO2, they are telling themselves lies about the nature of climate skeptics. AGW believers seem unable to comprehend that they are being challenged by a genuine grass roots movement thriving on the freedom of speech and democracy of ideas provided by the internet.

If they have no idea of who they are fighting, they have no hope of winning. The issue then becomes: if these types of claims are invalid in the case of evolution, why should they be valid in the case of AGW? My own challenge to natural climate change deniers AGW believers is always to ask the question:- produce just one example of a statistically significant observed climate change event that could be solely attributed to CO2 or any other minor greenhouse gases and in which normal natural cyclical causes could be categorically ruled out.

All set themselves up as courageous underdogs fighting a corrupt elite engaged in a conspiracy to suppress the truth or foist a malicious lie on ordinary people. This conspiracy is usually claimed to be promoting a sinister agenda: the nanny state, takeover of the world economy, government power over individuals, financial gain, atheism. Living in denial: Why sensible people reject the truth.

People are starving to death right now, many more are surviving only because of the charitable goodwill of people in the industrialized countries. When climatology was just Ivory Tower mental masturbation, it was OK that the degree of certainty was on the dodgy side, now that we are talking about trillions of dollars and lives of millions, the certainty of your data and conclusions from it go up dramatically; you are coming to me with your hand out, you have the burden of proof and you have to convince me to my standards, not yours.

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FYI, the only honest scientists are skeptics, first and foremost. The temperature in my neck of the woods varies by as much as 40 degrees F every day. The annual temperature range is over degrees, from 10F to F. Given these FACTS, why do you think that a 10 degree increase or decrease in either the daily or annual range is worthy of panic?

I read this drivel yesterday. Unfortunately as they take subscriptions in advance I have already paid for it. Never again, however.

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So who has the preconceived ideas now? I think the whole climate issue is very much like the Scopes Monkey Trial. Often the warmers use the wrong issues and science but currently have a very good chance of winning. However, I think in the long run, history will prove us correct. I hate being proved wrong so I always look carefully at both sides of an issue before I make up my mind on what is the truth. It seems the far left is blinded by fear or the warming idea or political power and only looks at what supports their belief. This is very much like what happened in the Scopes Monkey Trial where absolute belief in the bible blinded people to the truth.

The more things change, the more things stay the same. The list of claims you offered is commonly shared by many proponents on either side of many contentious ideas and they are by turns valid or invalid for each case. The fact that you choose to use strained analogies to dismiss contrary views rather than make even a feeble attempt to argue the merits of your position is QED for me.


ISSUE | MAGAZINE COVER DATE: 21 May | New Scientist

But if you want to pick nits, replace Gantry with Madoff or Ponzi. Grifters all, like Mann. Peas in a pod, birds of a feather. Happy now? Climate sceptics could make their case without resorting to the claims I listed. But since climate sceptics do make these claims, one can subject them to scrutiny.

The facts are that both evolution and AGW are new scientific theories that overturn previous understandings; both have potentially far-reaching social and political consequences; both have generated very strong resistance from some people. Furthermore, both theories have generated a similar set of responses from their opponents. In my view, these similarities are significant and not incidental.

My conclusion is that the same sorts of non-scientific objections to a scientific theory indicate a similar mindset. Despite this obvious fact, New Scientist published it any. That was a line for me, when it went from Science to Green PR promoting vegetarianism to save the planet and it lost my subscription for it even though I am already vegetarian I cant stand others telling people they should be — its a personnel choice. Good ridence to them. I now read an excellent Australian science magazine cant recall its name off hand!

People who oppose it for the most part, though not always, do so based on religious faith and your continued attempt to analogize that opposition to climate scepticism demonstrates your own intellectual dishonesty. The reason the sceptic side offers the claims which you find so unscientific is that almost from the start the science of all this has been primarily a pretext for attempts to remodel almost the entirety of human culture to match the utopian visions of its major proponents. All of them. I was looking for something special: evidence.

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One, single, little, tiny bit of actual evidence. None, Nothing. Excuse the shouting, but this sick and hateful trash has really got my goat. And, of course, no matter where you look, no matter who is abusing those people who ask for evidence, none of them, ever, provide that evidence. And likewise on this wind-energy site, regards wind power and other Green issues.

To cover for a 3-week outage of wind, Britain would require: In the first option a. And they said these were realistic proposals. It apparently was just an image, with an image map over it so it acted like it had normal working buttons however no color change on mouseover or click IIRC. I could have killed Firefox outright and started a new session, using System Tools: System Monitor Debian so the hijacked Firefox had no say in it. But, man, to see your trusted browser get out of your control like that… Wow.

New Scientist (14 May 2016)
New Scientist (14 May 2016)
New Scientist (14 May 2016)
New Scientist (14 May 2016)
New Scientist (14 May 2016)
New Scientist (14 May 2016)
New Scientist (14 May 2016)
New Scientist (14 May 2016)
New Scientist (14 May 2016)

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