Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4

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But on the other hand the question marks I had in the plot but they can be neglected if you want to, its is just that I go OCD on Details and therefore I am a bitch about them sometimes. Jul 30, Deniz rated it really liked it Shelves: alpha-hero , contemporary , virgin-heroine. A sweet fairy tale of a poor homeless girl and a rich man. I loved the interesting plot, good develop characters.

They were unique and interesting. I truly enjoyed this story and recommend! In spades. These are things that need a deft hand to make it gel, and Ms.

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If I had a quibble If you love a good old fashioned fairy tale that brings the feels AND smut for your reading pleasure, I would recommend this. View 2 comments. I have to start off by saying how unique this story line was, I'm sure you have read romances of billionaires falling for someone of lower economic stations lord knows I've read a ton of them but I have never come across one where the billionaire falls for a homeless person.

Dec 21, Maria Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: sexy-as-all-get-out , fully-reviewed-books , 4-star-reads. But the execution and storytelling make it an enjoyable and sexy read.

get link Xavier, wealthy billionaire and one of the heirs to the De Santis fortune is doing his time cleaning up his image by volunteering at a homeless shelter. But there is a young woman at the shelter, Mia, who turns up in the food line every day and is quite adept at ignoring him. She intrigues him. When circumstances result in him being at the right place at the right time to help her out, he offers her a hand and she reluctantly accepts.

Mia has been on her own on the streets she was thirteen, abandoned by her mother at age 5 to a grandmother who was abusive. Every day is a test of survival. She has a small piece of an alley set up as her territory, and ventures into the shelter nearby for a daily meal.

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  4. But one night leads to more and a dawning attraction between them. Can two people from wholly different worlds really make a long lasting connection? I really liked both characters in this story. While Xavier is definitely a spoiled and selfish man, he does have a conscience. He is quick to make it clear to Mia that his offer of a warm night in his penthouse comes with no strings. But his attraction to her character, her strength, and her determination to survive does lead to more.

    There are some ongoing issues Xavier has with his father and brothers that add conflict to the story and show that things are definitely not perfect just because one has money. Mia intrigued me as a woman who is down but not out. She has understandable fears about being with Xavier in his home. Note: a copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review.

    Jan 11, Nat Reading Romances rated it liked it. This is my first time reading a book by the author. Taking into consideration the name of the series, the novel isn't as tacky as the title suggest. You must not question the level of veracity in order to enjoy it which can be done easily. I liked the heroine at first but I had some doubts about her behavior as the story developed. Both of them lacked depth, and the conflict was very cliche and predictable. I lost interest and in the end I found myself skimming the last couple of chapters.

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. Jan 06, Laura rated it really liked it.

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    Not necessarily predictable, but what you were expecting. This was one odf those books. I am a fan of Swerve books by St. Martins, as they tend to be the shorter and more erotic books,and this one did not disappoint. I thought it was well written and well paced, which can be a challenge for the shorter books as they often either lose plot or characters in order to make up for the shorter length. In this case, I thought both were well-developed.

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    I liked Xavier and Mia, although at times, Xavier was a little difficult to relate to as he was definitely the somewhat unlikable spoiled, rich, playboy. But you get to know him, and what makes him tick, fairly quickly.

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    Mia is a bit less developed, but still compelling, as a woman who has taken care of herself for so long that she is afraid to rely on someone else. The story was compelling and their chemistry was intense, making this a great short read. Well, unfortunately, this was just an ok read for me. Nothing really stood out for me in the book and I never warmed up really to either character. The book was so short, I don't think we had a chance to really get to know the characters. Mia's backstory was so odd and I don't feel that there was any really good conclusion to it.

    Heck, we never even learned her last name, one she didn't even know.


    It just didn't work for me. The writing felt a bit odd as well. It didn't really flow for me. I gue Well, unfortunately, this was just an ok read for me. I guess I was expecting something a little deeper and I just didn't get it. I will probably read the next one in the series, hoping it is a bit better than this one. View 1 comment. Apr 21, Emily Mrs B's Books rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , fairy-tale , adult , contemporary , romance.

    Xavier was a character that you can totally not like, but be ok with that as he does eventually come good in the end.

    Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4 Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4
    Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4 Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4
    Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4 Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4
    Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4 Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4
    Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4 Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4
    Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4 Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4
    Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4 Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4
    Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4 Sea Tales of the Billionaires Kitties Part 4

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