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The easiest song on the record to like on first listen, it quietly introduces the listener to the to the album's world, Mangum singing in a muted voice closer to where he left off with the more restrained On Avery Island through most of Aeroplane he sounds like he's running out of time and struggling to get everything said. The first four words are so important: "When you were young At a certain age the leap from kitchen utensils jammed into dad's shoulder to feet encircled by holy rattlesnakes is nothing.

A cock of the head; a squint, maybe.

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel -

Inside this dream it all begins in the body. Moments of trauma, joy, shame-- here they're all experienced first as physical sensation. Mangum here reflects the age when biological drives outpace the knowledge of what to do with them, a time you're seeing sex in everything "semen stains the mountaintops" or that sex can be awkward and unintentionally painful "fingers in the notches of your spine" is not what one usually hopes for in the dark. Obsessed as it is with the textures of the flesh and the physical self as an emotional antenna, listening to Aeroplane sometimes seems to involve more than just your ears.

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Then there's the record's disorienting relationship to time. The instrumentation seems plucked randomly from different years in the 20th century: singing saws, Salvation Army horn arrangements, banjo, accordion, pipes.

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Lyrical references to technology are hard to fix. Anne Frank's lifespan from to is perhaps the record's historical center, but the perspective jumps back and forth over centuries, with images and figures sucked from their own age and squirted out somewhere else.

Neutral Milk Hotel

Bilheimer solved this problem by scanning the back of the postcard, its stains and off-white paper adding an aged look to Dewan's artwork when the two were combined. Cooper notes that "Chris even left a splash of dirt on the postcard — just above the girl's waving hand — a touch that's easily overlooked on the CD cover, but obvious on the larger LP jacket. Bilheimer's design didn't stop at the album's front cover. He also designed the lyric sheet, artificially aging the paper by wrinkling it up and scanning it.

It was during this portion of the project that he asked Mangum what to call one untitled song. When the songwriter noted that he was torn between "Holland" and "" as titles, Bilheimer suggested combining the two and a future classic was born.

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

What makes the album cover such a classic, though, is the transformation of the source material. Replacing the bathing beauty's head with a drum and cropping the image so tightly recasts a mundane early 20th century "greetings from our seaside vacation" postcard as a surrealist painting. Are the cover's protagonists waving at the "aeroplane over the sea"? Are they survivors of a ship or plane wreck? Why do the two figures in the background seem distressed? An early draft of the back cover made use of the bottom half of the postcard, showing the lady swimmer's feet -- an image that would have resolved some of the front cover's ambiguities.

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The Aeroplane The Aeroplane
The Aeroplane The Aeroplane
The Aeroplane The Aeroplane
The Aeroplane The Aeroplane
The Aeroplane The Aeroplane
The Aeroplane The Aeroplane
The Aeroplane The Aeroplane
The Aeroplane The Aeroplane

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