The Alekhine for the Tournament Player

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And his play became stronger after he was already World Champion. Magnus is just 26 but he already deserves to be considered of the 5 best chess players ever. Apart all that, I should mention that Magnus revolutionized chess. Before him, top chess was dominated by openings analyzed to the death with the computer, with the vast majority of elite grandmasters studying lines past move 20 anyone remembers the ridiculous Leko x Kramnik match, when many games ended in a quick draw and modern opening theory was blamed by the players?

Alexander Alekhine Repertoire with White pieces (most played)

Carlsen showed that chess can — and should — be fought on the board. He almost never win games due to opening preparation and deliberately searches for less theoretical paths. Can he become the best chess player ever? Only time can tell. Check out here a fine Carlsen win against one of his main rivals! The fact is that he is probably the biggest natural talent ever although Morphy might have a say here. For this reason he never had to work too hard. If he had added to his talent the discipline of Kasparov or Alekhine, he could have been the best ever.

But talent made him lazy and for this reason in my list he is below his rival in my list. Many will be angry with Alekhine being ahead of Capablanca in this list. But this is not the list of the most talented ever. A great chess player is made of many qualities — and capacity to work is one of them. His playing style was much ahead of his time. He was able to break the laws of positional chess with concrete play — to him everything needed to be evaluated according the the unique elements of each position.

Their playing styles are very similar.

The Top Ten Chess Players of All Time

How can he be number two? Yes, according to the numbers the was the best ever. An extraordinary talent, a visionary, a playing style that produced many spectacular games. He was the player with the best opening preparation in the history of the game and made a smooth transition to the computer age. Kasparov was also a brilliant strategist. In a few games the score was already to the seasoned World Champion. The match would end if a sixth victory happened. What Kasparov did then was magnificent. This resulted in the longest drawing streak in a world championship match and the duel was cancelled after months of battle, when the score was already A new match was arranged and Kasparov won.

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The rest is history. His contibution to the development of the game is second to none. He showed a superior understanding of positions with material inbalances and with the initiative. Like Alekhine, he sought the most energetic solution since the first move. No other player used so many theoretical novelties. Take a look at this game: rightly considered the best chess game ever played. Even with all that he is still number 2 in my list. Because no one could ever surpass the feats of…. There is no doubt in my mind: Fischer was the best of all. Many disagree with this simply because the american genius become more and more problematic with the passing years, arriving at the point of complete craziness.

But in this list I only care about what he did on the chessboard. And this 64 squares world he was brilliant. A child prodigy and the character of a champion made Fischer the youngest grandmaster of his time, at the age of 15 something nearly impossible at those times. He was chess fanatic and was able to play and analyze at all times.

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He had a mysterious personality and was capable of leaving an Interzonal while leading and stop playing chess for large periods of time. We can only speculate what the did between and , when he played almost no games.

The Top Ten Chess Players of All Time | Rafael Leitão

What he did after that cannot be compared with anything that happened before or after. Who could win 4 games in a row against the great Petrosian? And after that…emptiness. Fischer refused to defend his title against the young Karpov. Many years later he played another match against Spassky, but he was no longer the same. The man that alone defeated the Soviet chess hegemony came like a thunder on the chessboard. He smashed his opponents and then vanished.


Fischer brought an energy to the board that no sane mind could match. In the end, that's always the deciding factor between closely matched players. It's the reason Carlsen named Fischer as the one player he'd want to play the most. They did analysis on all the players in the world, present and past and the only two who came before Deep Blue were Fischer and Capablanca. You cannot imagine how much I agree with you. Fischer was the absolute giant of chess.

A brilliant, really genius mind and the absolute winning machine.

go site He hated draws He crashed his opponents with his unbeatable will for victory. Compare his way to the world championship in , with the current finalists. Can you imagine Bobby Fischer in such a contest? He would have easily smashed both of them.

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During the Russian Revolution, the son of a noble Russian family suffered many nervous moments. At times, his life hung by a thread. He managed to resume his career only in , when he won the first championship of Soviet Russia. Alekhine did not decline to cooperate with the Bolsheviks, but he nonetheless chose to leave his homeland at first opportunity.

Soon after his emigration to the West, he began his ascent to the top.

His successes were great in scale: perhaps his most notable victory was at a strong tournament in Baden Baden in After drawn-out negotiations with the world champion, Alekhine agreed to play against Capablanca in in Buenos Aires. Shortly before the match, both players participated in a four-round all-play-all tournament in New York, where the Russian champion came second, behind the champion.

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The details of this grandiose, dramatic contest are well known. As a result, he won and, after waiting for so long, became the world champion.

Crazy Gambit line against the Alekhine Defense

Following this, he won tournaments in Bled and San Remo. In , he unexpectedly lost to the Dutch candidate Max Euwe, but in he regained his crown. That was the last match of the great champion.

The Alekhine for the Tournament Player The Alekhine for the Tournament Player
The Alekhine for the Tournament Player The Alekhine for the Tournament Player
The Alekhine for the Tournament Player The Alekhine for the Tournament Player
The Alekhine for the Tournament Player The Alekhine for the Tournament Player
The Alekhine for the Tournament Player The Alekhine for the Tournament Player
The Alekhine for the Tournament Player The Alekhine for the Tournament Player
The Alekhine for the Tournament Player The Alekhine for the Tournament Player

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