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This omnibus contains two novels by L.

They were formerly published in mass market original form and are now combined and published together for the first time, in trade paperback. They are somewhat reminiscent of the Change War stories of Fritz Lieber, and although they are science fiction, they contain intriguing connections to the fantasy universe of Modesitts Recluce novels. A shocking novel of what could happen if the fanatical defense of the environment crossed the line into deadly terror. When environmental consultant Jack McDarvid's boss is killed in a shootout near the Capitol, McDarvid becomes enmeshed in a diabolical plot behind the scenes of the environmental movement.

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A Full-Time Game Of Part-Time Gods

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Getting rid of this curse is the only way to get my life back. Taking place in an alternate world where ghosts and psychic phenomenon exist, Of Tangible Ghosts sets forth an alternative history of our own planet. Northeast Columbia which represents the United States and Canada is a Dutch-based culture the British never won colonial control of North America that features a quiet, dedicated workforce with a love of hot chocolate. It is one of two competing superpowers; the other is the power-hungry Austro-Hungarian empire. The great psychic energy of the spirit world is the only thing preventing these powerful governments from going to war over world domination; ghosts' habits of haunting the sites of their untimely deaths and replaying the means of their murder has made the thought of creating battle-fields—sites of mass death—untenable.

Doktor Johan Eschbach, a teacher of environmental economics who formerly worked as an agent for the Columbian government, is drawn into the struggle for world domination after a colleague is murdered and he encounters her ghost, who demands justice. As he hunts his friend's murderer, Eschbach discovers that a computer-driven technology able to harness the power of ghosts and channel it to serve human interests has been developed; both Northeast Columbia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire compete for this frightening technology.

Modesitt "excels in using subtle details to enhance the credibility of an imaginary parallel world," noted a Library Journal reviewer, while Jennifer D. Kubenka wrote in Voice of Youth Advocates that the book features "an engaging and all-too-human protagonist, a finely realized world, and misused technology that is vaguely familiar yet exotic and different makes for a reading experience that will linger in the reader's mind and sense long after the last page has been turned.

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  • The Quantum Mechanics Solver: How to Apply Quantum Theory to Modern Physics, Second Edition;
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  • The False Promise of Bio-Fuels.

In a review of Ghost of the White Nights , Roland Green commented in Booklist that Modesitt "lets readers savor detailed characterization. Some of Modesitt's books bridge the science-fiction and spy thriller genres. Archform: Beauty delves into nanotechnology, and tells a single story from several first person points of view.

In order to stay alive, Alwyn must solve the mystery, in the process becoming a hero—or a villain, depending on point of view. Fantasy has also proved to be a fertile ground for Modesitt's storytelling abilities. In his "Saga of Recluce" series, which includes the novels The Magic Engineer and The Death of Chaos , he recounts the history of an otherworldly island called Recluce, wherein a balance exists between the forces of Order and those of Chaos: if chaotic activity increases, then order must also increase to balance it.

The wellspring of this world's "magic" increases as such balances are struck; White Wizards promote Chaos, while Black Wizards work to promote Order, and both fight the natural balance of nature. In The Magic of Recluce , which introduces readers to the series, a woodworker's apprentice named Lerris is forced to leave his home in a test that moves him from childhood to maturity after he criticizes the island's laws.

Temporarily exiled from Recluce, Lerris is helped in coming to terms with Order-dominated island culture by a gray wizard.

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He also encounters Antonin, the master of the laws of Chaos, who uses his power to disrupt and destroy law, thereby increasing his own supply of chaotic magic. Lerris eventually grows up and begins to both understand and appreciate the importance of laws in preserving the stability of his island home.

Other "Recluce" novels recount various other segments of the saga. The Towers of the Sunset describes the island's founding, as Creslin, son of a powerful female military leader and himself a Black Storm Wizard able to control the heavens, flees from an arranged marriage in order to find himself.

Pursued by his distraught and slightly annoyed fiance, Megaera, with whom he shares an empathic bond when he feels pain, she does as well, and vice versa , as well as by the White Wizards of Chaos who feel threatened by his growing power, Creslin finds refuge upon a desolate island and vows to start a new life. But this time, rather than a bored youth, the young man is Dorrin, the ambitious son of a Black Wizard.

Fascinated by the for-bidden art of metallurgy—an orderly process that unfortunately generates chaos through its byproducts, air and water pollution—Dorrin is exiled to the land of Chaos where he continues to dream of building machinery. Eventually Recluce becomes threatened by White Wizards and Dorrin must choose between following his dream of practicing Chaotic arts or defending his Orderdriven island home. The battle between controlled technological advancement and chaos continues in The Order War as yet another smith, Justen, engages in direct battle with the armies of Chaos, who have taken over much of the world in the wake of the steam engine's development.

The "Saga of Recluce" has continued to grow, introducing readers to young heroes such as Lorn, an exiled apprentice mage and soldier with a reputation for a survivor, who is the protagonist of Magi'i of Cyador and Scion of Cyador.

Timegods' World: Timediver's Dawn & The Timegod

Like many of Modesitt's books, Scion of Cyador "treats matters of responsibility and deciding when to act … quite well," according to Booklist reviewer Roland Green. Jackie Cassada, writing in Library Journal , wrote of Scion of Cyador that Modesitt "displays a rare talent for portraying the day-to-day affairs" of those living in his fantasy world.

Another "Recluse" novel, Wellspring of Chaos , introduces Kharl, who through various good deeds finds himself exiled and alone. The book "delights from start to finish," praised a Publishers Weekly reviewer, who noted that Kharl's transformation from exiled cooper to wizard "makes for a relentless and absorbing story.

Jackie Cassada, in her Library Journal review, praised Modesitt's "knack for emphasizing the ordinariness of extraordinary people. In , Modesitt launched a second fantasy series, the "Spellsong Cycle.

While on Earth she was a music teacher, in Erde Anna discovers that she is a powerful sorceress—possibly the most powerful in the whole world. Her power makes her a target, and to survive, Anna has to learn to control her new powers.

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Timegods World Timegods World
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