Turning Up the Heat #2 (Dish)

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Then over the top I sprinkled just a little parmesan. This was delicious!! The homemade version is even better!!! This dish was much easier that I thought.

And exceeded my expectations in every possible way. Sooo well done. Both are amazing!

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The without canned soup I modified to meet autoimmune paleo coconut milk and coconut cream and it was so good. Also ran out of tater tots for the modified recipe, so I put garlic whipped cauliflower on top. This will be a household staple. Thank you for sharing!

From MN…. Best tater tot hot dish ever!! I made the gravy version with ground turkey, and baked in a large pyrex baking dish. Topped with 1 lb. My husband loved it. Had enough leftovers for work lunches, but just barely. All I can say and I speak for my family as well is …mind blown!!!

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This hotdish surprising way surpassed any and all of my expectations. My daughter went back for seconds and asked to take some home for lunch next day. I did double recipe and I am Soo glad I did.!! Tried this for something different than my traditionally tater tot hotdish recipe and it was WAY too much soy sauce.

Completely ruined it, unfortunately. Tasted like salt. I could see this being much better with maybe just tsp soy sauce rather than 3T. This has been a very popular recipe, not only this site, but also with our family and friends.

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Did you use canned soups or make your own gravy? If you used canned soup, did you use the reduced sodium version? Hi, Brenda! Thanks so much.

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Thanks for all your awesome recipes. I assume just before or after you add the veggies?

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Do you use all the flour for the gravy? I tried it last night but it turned into a porridge consistency instead of gravy. What did I do wrong? I have made this a few times now the no can version and we just LOVE this. I just love comments like these — thank you so much for letting me know how much you like this recipe! I need to do that, make two separate pans. I usually just transfer the leftovers to a smaller pan and freeze for later.

Thanks, Cami! A wonderful comfort food! I love how you have adapted the recipe to be made with or without the canned soup. So excited to dig into this! This looks great! I will be making this tonight with the homemade gravy sauce. A MN classic in my books. I never made it in my early adulthood, but one time, about 15 years ago I decided my husband needed to have Tator Tot hotdish at least once in his life.

I tried this recipe last night, and it worked out very well.

Turning Up the Heat #2 (Dish) by Diane Muldrow | LibraryThing

Personally, I will forgo the cheese next time. In addition to thyme I used dried summer savory and marjoram. I will definitely be making it again. Thank you for posting and for sharing 2 different versions! Ugh, I need to get a bigger cast iron skillet. I still had to use my casserole dish and put it in the oven, but I followed your gravy directions and it turned out great. Thank you for a can-free version!

Do we stir the ground beef into the gravy before topping? Yes, stir the ground beef into the gravy. I just like the flavor and color it adds, and then I cut back on the actual salt I use. You could still make this, just omit the soy sauce and add in salt to taste. It would just be a very different hotdish than the original.

The preparation would need to be altered. Hello, making this today for my vegetarian sister- instead of beef an using finely chopped cauliflower. Also, omitting the worcestershire as it has anchovies. We had this last night! So delicious, comfort food at its finest!

I had never heard of this, but it looked good so I tried it tonight. It was soooo good! And easy to make! Will definitely put this in my rotation of cooking. I can just pick up the antlers and throw it into the cauldron at a whole. Do I miss something or is this the way it works? Thanks in advance!

Turning Up the Heat #2 (Dish) Turning Up the Heat #2 (Dish)
Turning Up the Heat #2 (Dish) Turning Up the Heat #2 (Dish)
Turning Up the Heat #2 (Dish) Turning Up the Heat #2 (Dish)
Turning Up the Heat #2 (Dish) Turning Up the Heat #2 (Dish)
Turning Up the Heat #2 (Dish) Turning Up the Heat #2 (Dish)

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