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With the Hilti solution, making post-installed rebar connections is just as easy. As secure as cast-in bars. For dependable concrete connections you should rely only on Hiltis well-proven and approved injectable adhesive mortars, simple but effective hole-cleaning aids and powerful rotary hammer drills. Hiltis highly experienced technical specialists are at your service round the clock and will be pleased to an- swer any questions. You thus have permanent access to over 25 years of practical experience in the field of post-installed rebar connections ex- perience that will help you achieve extremely reliable connections and maximum cost efficiency.

Simply connected. Hilti solutions for post-installed rebar connections. Dig the hole. Clean out the hole. Plant the tree and water it properly. For a lasting bond. With the Hilti solution, making post-installed rebar connections is just as easy as planting a tree. Fast The legendary Hilti combihammers and rotary hammers plus highly efficient Hilti dispensers let you work faster for longer. Easy Proper hole cleaning is decisive. With the Hilti Profi Rebar sets you have all the rebar installation accessories you need conveniently at hand.

Reliable Post-installed reinforcing bars set in Hilti HIT are as secure and reliable as cast- in rebars. Accordingly, Hilti HIT systems have been officially approved for the applicable applications. Join the Hilti HIT professionals!


Hilti provides special training on the use of Hilti HIT systems for post-installed rebar connections. Drill the hole quickly using a Hilti combihammer and suitable drill bits. Clean the hole thoroughly using the cleaning aids from the Hilti profi rebar sets. Inject Hilti HIT mortar conveniently and install rebars reliably. Base Material Concrete non-cracked , Stone hard natural n Fields of Application High load values for threaded rod and rebar for a broad range of n applications like heavy duty fastenings in non-cracked concrete steel structures, machinery, crash barriers, curtain wall structures, railings, etc.

Allow gel time to pass. Wait for curing. Apply tightening torque. Suitable for dynamic loading subject to fatigue, shock and seismic n activity Can be used in the cracked tension zone of concrete components n Injection washer Allows baseplate clearance hole to be flled with HIT HY n This ensures that the applied shear load is distributed evenly on to n all anchors Spherical washer Prevents local stress raisers if hole is not drilled square to surface n Nut and Locknut Prevents nut from working loose under vibration n Features and Benefts HVZ combines highest performance in chemical anchors with an n unparalleled level of safety Offers all round fexibility in application and installation: Insensi- n tive to frequently made application errors e.

Hilti Products 2010

Ideal for installation of anchoring elements up to 20 mm in diameter and mm in embedment depth. HIT Prof Rebar case The Hilti HIT set for those professionals who often encounter rebar installation in their daily busi- ness, with all required equipment to post-install rebars up to 20 mm and mm in embedment depth.

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Compact, versatile and complete to make best use of the Hilti HIT rebar system and gain productivity in the most common applications. Fields of Application Unique and approved system for safe installation of rebar and n anchoring elements up to 40 mm in diameter and mm in embedment depth Features and Benefts Comprehensive sets of accessories for maximising your HIT n performances and productivity gain Great opportunity to customise your HIT installation equipment n according to your application needs Increased system safety in all installation directions and condi- n tions www.

Ordering Material: Steel grade 8.

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  8. Ordering Material: Carbon steel, Bolt: 8. Ordering Material: Steel strength 8. Particularly suited for safety relevant applica- tion. Through fastener for wood angles channels and columns in con- n crete and hard stone Features and Benefts The optimised design of expansion cone and wedge, combined n with special steel and coatings, ensure outstanding performance in cracked and non-cracked concrete.

    Fields of Application Attaching structural steel, faade, hand rails, racks, mechanical n equipment, pipe supports, elevators etc.

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    Galvanized version. Ordering Material: Steel acc. Ordering Material: Screw: Carbon Steel 4. Ordering Material: Cold-formed steel, acc. Hex head, 13 mm. Hex head, 13 mm, with integrated washer. Countersunk head, Torx T Hollow base material: setting with a screwdriver.

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    Please consult Hilti Fastening Technology Manual for specific design requirements. Ordering Material: Sheet steel, sendzimir zinc plated to approx. High strength and stability. ML improves productivity, uses a minimum of parts and is cost effective ML is a modular channel system which is quick and easy to assemble.

    Two parts in one Easy and adaptable solution www. Angles and connectors 45 Installation Systems www. Hot Dipped galvanized. H approx.


    Single or multiple penetrations. Features and Benefts Excellent application characteristics. High yield. Stiff forms not always required. Features and Benefts Quick-setting - forms can be removed in as little as 2 hours n Superior working properties - saves time n Can be pumped, pured or troweled: easy to form and apply n Can be used in horizontal or vertical applications n Versatile n C US 10 Chemical Systems www.

    Fields of Application Sealing pipes from 1. Features and Benefts Especially suitable for laying new cables later n Economical in use owing to short installation time n Easy installation as no special tool is required n Immediately functional after installation n Smoke resistant, dust, fbre halogen and solvent free n C US www. Features and Benefts Completely dust- and fbre-free. Halogen- and solvent-free. Im- n mediate functionality right after installation.

    Can be painted with dispersion, acrylate or silicone. Features and Benefts With up to six times expansion it cures in 60 seconds n It is re-penetrable, paintable , mold resistant and possesses n excellent water vapour impermeability Easy to handle in diffcult to reach applications with no additional n materials required Meets LEED requirements for indoor environmental quality n credit 4.

    Hilti Products 2010

    Mixed penetrations. Repenetration of single cables. Features and Benefts 3-Phase technology with optimum application characteristics n easy shapeable foam Quick and easy installation without need for formwork or other n aids using the ergonomically-designed Hilti dispensers CP complies with the requirements of international fre n protection directives Easy subsequent installation of additional cables n EN www. Features and Benefts Approved for wide range of applications n Odourless and solvent free n Virtually no cracking or delamination during cutting n Less prone to damage due to pliance of material and resilient n elastic coating Fast, tight seal: less gap flling sealant needed n EN 10 Chemical Systems www.

    Features and Benefts Excellent adhesion to plasterboard, metal and plastic n Pad can be moulded by hand to ft any size of outlet box n Quick and simple to install n Pads can be ftted to the inside or outside of the box n Tested to EN and BS to include 1 hr and 2 hr drywall n on unsupported outlet boxes C US EN www. Features and Benefts Water soluble, odourless and solvent free n Rapid drying n Remains fexible when dry n Intumescent n Free of fbres, or asbestos n Intumescent, no derating effect on cables n 10 Chemical Systems www.

    Power plants. Features and Benefts For external applications. Features and Benefts Simple and ready-to-use 1 component polyurethane foam n system Ozone friendly propellant that meets the Montreal Agree- n ment Economical and minimal wastage due to high foam yield and n ability to regulate dispenser Insulating, flling and adhesive properties n www. Compatibility of CI CI can be injected into dry and damp concrete, natural and synthetic stone, masonry, brick and mineral based plasters of all kinds.

    All loose material and laitance should be removed by shotblasting or by hand tools such as needle guns. Product Description: CC is a 2 component, solvent free epoxy system. Resin and hardener formulated to result in a pigmented thixotropic paste. Product Features: n Ready to use work packs n Easy application by spatula, fast curing n Excellent adhesion to dry and damp concrete, masonry and steel n Impermeable to water vapour and all aquaeous salt solutions n Non-sag behaviour n Easily removed after injection by blow heater or chisel n Filling of voids and gaps Hilti Crack Injection System Ordering Packaging Item no.

    Blow out crack with dry and oil-free compressed air. Port spacing approximately cm with wider spacing for thinner slabs. Mix by see-saw motion for approx.

    Then screw on connection hose. Remove foil from rear of cartridge. Tighten union nut, insert air relief stopper at next port above non-return valve is opened entrapped air can escape. Use only cap nut type dispensers. Remove air relief stopper non-return valve is now closed and insert into next port. Continue injecting into original port until the port will accept no more resin when normal hand pressure is used on the dispenser.

    Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180 Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180
    Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180 Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180
    Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180 Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180
    Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180 Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180
    Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180 Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180
    Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180 Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180
    Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180 Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180
    Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180 Vibrator.passport.SV.10-180

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